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  • Shoes are also wearing skills, you know?

    Wearing inappropriate shoes not only affect the comfort, but also let yourself in the hearts of others left a bad impression, remember these wear taboo, do not let the beautiful take away your health at the same time is to show a most beautiful Own oneself. Some people looking for trendy and nike clearance store fashion, favored those grotesque shoes, if you are not the fashion industry is still the best to abandon such shoes, such shoes are not good with clothes, it is difficult and coordinated with the overall shape, but also in the comfort is also very difficult Guaranteed. In the summer, want to wear out the workplace Fan, to others to leave a professional impression, or lost exposed nike sale toe sandals good, and a low-heeled or high-heeled shoes is a good choice, so that the feet will not be in the summer Sultry and maintain a relatively serious atmosphere of the workplace. High heels and wide leg pants with a reduced sense of serious workplace, more fashionable. Wide leg pants can be a good cover of the shortcomings of the legs, people look more spirit, with a pair of high-heeled shoes, fleeing long legs lines, it is a good helper gas nike free 5.0 field nikes on sale Oh.

    Sports shoes can no longer be used in sports with sportswear to wear, sports shoes can wear clothing fashion Fan, choose a more casual sports shoes, whether it is with skirt or hot pants can deduce a different style , People look more vibrant Oh Summer do not want to wear heavy jeans, that denim skirt is a good choice, whether it is A popular or popular single-breasted buckle will appear more generalized, and with the shoes, so that the whole people look stylish and dynamic. Know how to wear these methods, come and see what beautiful shoes it! High-quality PU leather real, very comfortable and breathable, full of tension and flexibility, coupled with sexy fish mouth, just reveal one or two toes, sexy charming design, sexy yet elegant, delicate charm lace moving, calling around Heart, exquisite handmade beauty. Novel and elegant leisure elements, with the fashion atmosphere of the city trend, a static and a move of just right, static as the child, moving like a rabbit. Like a rich style of the elegant queen, sections came, fashion, the atmosphere, luxury. Light melody reverberation ears, the sun passionate, smiling, strong, women will like sunflowers, the whole shoe around the foot design, more comfortable, three-dimensional, was thin, to help breathable, stylish decoration, fashionable personality , More elegant, unique sense of beauty full.

    2017-07-25 20:41:09
  • Shoes can wear up to a few days, the original you have been wrong

    Many people buy shoes and like a variety of clothes can be used together, so that in the daily life of a lot of trouble with no worries, for a lot of lazy cool, it also saves a lot of cleaning Troubles, so a lot of mushrooms in the usual week often wear the same pair of shoes. But this is also the reason for the one hand, there may be because a pair of shoes is very comfortable, or like their own like, so it will always wear the same pair of shoes. But do you wear the same pair of shoes every day? For this problem, we are not the same view, it was said that good, some people say bad, first let us take a look at the reasons we give. First, wear the same pair of shoes every day, will make shoes more and more fit, walking is more and more comfortable. Second, the shoes will wear a long time to produce feelings, wear other shoes nike sale will feel very awkward. Three, has been wearing the same pair of shoes, do not buy too much, or very easy to cause waste. In favor of bad reasons: First, wear the same pair of shoes, so no mind, for the beauty of the dry mushrooms, different clothes, of course, with different shoes. Second, a pair of shoes have been wearing a long time there will nike running shoes be a smell. Third, always wear the same pair of shoes may reduce the nike factory store life of the shoes. In fact, different claims have their own reasons, but standing on a scientific point of view a pair of shoes nike free 5.0 can not always wear.

    In this regard, the United States, a well-known foot scientist said, "If you have been wearing the same pair of shoes every day, some parts of the soles will be subject to repeated stress, and then cause harm to the foot.Although you want to adapt to a pair of feet Shoes need a certain amount of time, but each pair of shoes, in fact, more or less will hurt the feet, take turns wearing different shoes, although not very used to, but can reduce the damage to the same part. At the same time, you can also hone your feet Adaptability, and slowly with a variety of shoes will be very suitable, especially in the summer, has been wearing the same pair of shoes is easy to produce odor and bacteria breeding, long time airtight is likely to be infected with beriberi, so summer as much as possible But also can not store too many shoes, not only cleaning up trouble, shoes for a long time do not wear, it is easy to hard aging, so three pairs of shoes is the best choice this year is very popular Mary Jane shoes, No tie is so complicated, more convenient and simple to wear, compared to the pointed shoes Mary Jane more of a little girl belongs to the soft feeling. Looks very cute Double Mary Jane shoes, wide straps more of a feeling of the atmosphere, the use of very soft leather will not wear feet, walking for a long time will feel more comfortable, there will be no airtight feeling this year, no one side shoes Are embarrassed to say that they are fashionable people, simple solid color with clothes easier, comfortable flat feet uncomfortable, side buckle simple decoration for the baby to add vitality, breaking the original monotonous feeling.

    2017-07-24 20:06:37
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