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  • Many people wear high heels wrong, 5 trick to teach you beautiful nike store and sexy

    We always like to be a pair of wonderful and fit your high heels as your boyfriend, began to need to run, and slowly find each other's understanding, and they are all people love and hate. Although the United States fine stiletto, but easily Wei feet ah, take a few steps nike outlet store will be tired to suspect life, accidentally stumble this thing most of the time because you are wearing a stilettos. Some people walking in front of the heel feel awkward, put the entire foot on the ground, like a crab. High heels do not pay attention to the correct walking posture, not only affects the appearance, because of the force problem, leg callus and other leg problems oh! Sisters can not be taken lightly, not the same thing. High-heeled shoes wear method should be to let the heel first land, and then slowly put down the entire foot, when the toes to the ground just left the ground. This is light and elegant. Do not walk in the street nike shox clearance always have some feet wearing high heels bolted, walk the wind with the strong women, you can not blind envy. In order to be on the safe side, do not walk too fast, otherwise the center of gravity is not stable, your painstaking efforts to create the image of the Queen on the instant collapse. After the body slightly tilted to wear high heels, the foot sliding forward force will unconsciously speed up the control is not easy to forward Wei and fell. So when walking will be back straight and slightly tilted back a little, so you can control the speed of moving forward. When wearing high heels to try to make two feet in a straight line before and after, so that you can stabilize the center, and secondly, better control of pace. In addition to the upper body to be upright, the line of sight also try to fall to the front, so looks like the Queen Van! May wish to practice at home along the wall or floor line first. It is because of nike factory store the forward force, walking tiptoe will squeeze, especially when wearing pointed high heels, feeling a red, you can add a foot pad, and sometimes the new shoe soles do a very smooth, friction Little power, really accidentally slipped. You can use the abrasive paper mill to wear the front of the sole and then wear, will be a lot of stability.

    2018-01-18 18:47:23
  • Counter-attack on sneakers 18 years to bring you stylish to take off

    Fashion ring since the main flagship fashionable and comfortable, sneakers began to embark on the pinnacle of life, the major fashion brands have designed stylish and good to wear sneakers, celebrity bloggers often wear sneakers out of a variety of fashion With For me, high heels and then the United States and then sexy, I still can not forget the comfort and style brought by sports shoes. Compared to the vast majority of girls think so, right? However, the reason why sports shoes has been a hot red, but also because it is good enough to wear a good ride, basically any single item out of the closet, casually accompanied by a pair of sports shoes, it can be very fashionable. Today, just talk about the collocation of sports shoes, and what sports shoes worth buying this year? Said that with the most easy to think of with a pair of shoes with jeans must be a simple, crude jeans with a pair of white shoes, classic effortless, basically everyone can manage. Especially in the dull autumn and nike sale winter seasons, white shoes + blue jeans, can instantly break the silence and boring. However, in addition to jeans, like slacks, wide-leg pants and sweatpants can also be a harmonious match with the sports shoes, and sometimes do not have to wear tight pants to be visually significant high and thin. This year is more popular this more relaxed pants, as long as a little attention to the waist line, you can wear a sense of lazy fashion.

    Like to wear your dresses, not necessarily with high heels, a pair of classic sports shoes, the same nikes on sale can give you a light and comfortable sense of fashion, winter in the skirt with a leggings, warm and wind, who said grace And the temperature can not coexist? When the weather getting colder, down jacket has become a must-have item for us, but in the face of a little bloated and sweatshirt, how can we wear fashionable without fat? Change black nike shoes the snow boots, put on a pair of sneakers, easy to resolve the visual expansion. Not only sports shoes with casual sports style clothing, with the formal decent suit with the same can be out of a capable and neat fashion sense. Occasionally take nike running shoes off high heels, put on a pair of comfortable sneakers, highlighting the fashionable women's neutral beauty. Sneakers can also be the hottest plush coats this year with, such as lamb fur coat or teddy bear coat, do not wear short boots, you can put on a pair of relaxed casual shoes, add a sense of casual street. Sneakers so wild and classic, do not buy a few pairs really sorry for the closet clothes, but in the face of so many sports shoes, what sports shoes worth starting this year? Hurry up Get this must-buy list now!

    2018-01-16 18:22:02
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