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  • Still wearing a single white shoes? Nine pants with a single shoes is the best look

    Fashionable girls in the summer wardrobe will never be a wild denim shorts, like a white T-shirt as magic, almost a manpower. Whether it is a small fresh candy color, sexy hole wind, or punk tassels, with a pair of small shoes just beautiful to burst! The Upper body looks elegant and generous, soft and elegant fabric, wearing a very comfortable. This is a different nine pants, it is time to add a trace of your wardrobe fresh breath. The color is very shallow denim blue, grinding old white looks very literary and artistic atmosphere, is such a simple, dressed to travel or shopping are very beautiful. Elegant cowboy blue. Mention hip body sculpting, flexible breathable. With the words is also very pick clothes, even nike shoes for sale if it kobe shoes is a simple white T-shirt can not temperament do not want. Nine points flap pants bottom of the system is added a different kind of flavor, on the narrow width of the wide visual effects will look more thin it. High waist design is very thin Oh! The hole is a kind of street Fan interpretation, and the two are very good together with the trend of the fan more foot it. Nine pants reveal the most slender part of a trace of the temptation is just right. Single shoes is a pair of small shoes style, with a dress or jeans are very good cheap nike sneakers choice, nike sale soft and comfortable, there are a number of color models can choose. Very stylish good-looking shoes, lavender is also a popular this year, a color, wild wear, unique style, hit the shoes are relatively low Oh ~ thick with the design, like high-heel but do not like fine girl We can try this rough with the shoes, not only increase the effect of temperament is still very comfortable Oh!

    Shoes with is not very high, for office workers or student groups who is a very appropriate height, so that the height of the shoes is not tired feet, but also a little higher effect! The main purpose of a single shoe is comfortable, a pair of comfortable shoes, how to walk are not feeling tired Oh ~ this shoe is not too much decoration, is simple style.

    2017-07-27 20:00:23
  • Someone to accompany you to wear couples slippers must be very all black nike shoes happy

    If you have someone to accompany you to wear lovers you will be very happy, because there is a person who loves you; if someone every day kobe shoes to accompany you to wear a couple slippers, then congratulations, you have to find your life that can make you happy people. Because, together with a couple slippers, it means that life has begun to experience another scene, is another milestone in life. Wake up every day, wearing your exclusive slippers, put on lazy pajamas to the kitchen to do a good breakfast, do not need more refined and luxurious, just simple and simple taste, is full of happiness. The love of the couple slippers, is the exclusive private space of love, others will not see, only you both know, quietly, quietly share the love, like a couple's pajamas, only at home can be, ah , Only home, that is full of warm and passionate home. Whether it is newly married Yan Er or old couple, small couple can go back and forth together always let their hearts warm, wearing the same pajamas and slippers watching TV together, eat together, sleep together, do a couple of co-husband, is this life Simple happiness. black nike shoes Spring and summer of the season, slippers have to start the season to see if there is no surprise to your style it

    Cartoon pattern is always the love of young people, just married small couple if you choose the fabric slippers this pair is very appropriate, comfortable breathable or quiet design, step on the soft soft and comfortable. Colorful, you can choose your own favorite color, thick design to wear very soft, and has a slight nike sneakers massage foot effect, anti-skid effect is also good, do not have to worry about the problem of slipping. Slippers look slightly thick feeling, but do not have to worry about it will be dull, because it is cotton fabric, very breathable, and skin-friendly, very comfortable to wear in the feet, but also quiet design, it is suitable for the bedroom , The middle of the night to wake up just to wear it to keep warm.

    2017-07-26 20:02:12
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  • Shoes can wear up to a few days, the original you have been wrong
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