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  • Now the fire is this pair of shoes, you can wear a small sexy

    Still wearing high heels? Now popular fashion is not tiring and wild cat heels! Both the value and the practicality of the two must take its time, we will make what kind of choice? Now more and more fashionable people have cheap nike running shoes been nike clearance more inclined to the latter, so the birth of such a pair of amazing, but very comfortable shoes. Elegant type, temperament type, personality type of women are suitable for wear, casual match what clothes are good-looking, the main fashion simple style of the noble, so confident you are more confident. Sexy charming elegant style, long standing or walking is not tired feet, how to wear are good-looking. Cat heels have a Western style called Kitten Heels. It is said that originated in the United States 60 years, this shoe is dedicated to those 13-year-old girl as a practice shoes, in order to facilitate their growth can easily transition to a higher heels. Absolutely tall, the shoes are very good texture, head and thin shoes, wearing can give people a sense of beauty, with a stylish novelty, strong personality characteristics, delicate and meticulous, toe sharp pointed to the front, even more feminine elegance , Elegant and romantic also revealed out. The women are obsessed with the pointed shoes, because she can nike factory store make the woman's feet become slender, instinctively bowed feet, allowing a woman to naturally straight chest, abdomen adduction, the women's temperament To the new realm, kobe 11 with infinite charm.

    And high heels compared to the cat with a little more dangerous shoes a little more refined, very good control. And the cat heel itself comes with retro atmosphere, will make the overall shape more elegant atmosphere. Whether it is to work to wear, or dating to wear, whether it is with a skirt, jeans, or shorts and other absolute wild, how with pleasing to the eye. Korean original design, regardless of version type, material, foot effect, are home can not match the fashionable design, can be a good modification of the foot type, elongated leg lines, so that feet look more slender charming The For the pursuit of fashion you, fine with the deep like a midsummer, fashion wild, you will be the focus of attention! Want to be high fashion! Sexy tip is the darling of the fashion industry, with high-quality leather powder fabric, style by the senior designer continuous improvement, Was significantly thin Beauty will be now! Sparkling shiny. Size is appropriate, put on a particularly stable.

    Uppers with shallow mouth design, coupled with elegant pointed, can be visually stretched legs ratio. 3 cm in the middle, so not accustomed to wearing high heels of the United States girl who can have a comfortable wearing experience. Work shopping or attend the reception can give you a perfect shape. Inexpensive, but this pair of shoes is really good, put on a special temperament, suitable for foot width and slightly flesh, very white, walking up not tired, do not rub feet do not wear feet, very comfortable, shoes fit, very beautiful. And the seller is very intimate sent heel, insoles.

    2017-04-27 20:03:17
  • Girls spring essential, thick heel shoes are not tired!

    What spring shoes to wear shoes? Flat shoes comfortable and lightweight, but can not increase. Fine high heel is beautiful, but always bring people step by step startling troubled. And a pair of comfortable yet able to maintain the graceful pace of the heel has become a lot of women preferred spring. The atmosphere with a single shoes, natural and generous, it seems no binding feeling, bring people hearty atmosphere. Soft and comfortable feet, walking more of the road is not afraid. It's soft tones wild variety of colors of the clothes, capable and stylish. Mary Jane's version of the shoe looks complicated, the use of retro word kobe shoes strap buckle design, increase the trend of personality trend. Uppers use high-quality suede material, and instantly improve the foot comfortable wearing experience. Wood rough with, simple and comfortable, stable not tired feet, do not worry about what oppression, even if the female man can easily control. Different from the previous single pointed design, small square wearing a fit foot type, both comfortable and not tired feet. Simple version of cheap nike sneakers the type, no matter what occasion to wear can make you full of temperament. Vamp of the bright colors, unique and rich in retro style.

    In recent years to recover the impact of ancient wind, nike shox Mary Jane shoes are particularly popular. This section with the square head with the design, basically do not pick the foot type, fat can wear, very thin feet Small and low that is comfortable and refined nike shoes and beautiful. Elegant and charming side buckle pointed shoes, shiny diamond is absolutely eye where the eye. The atmosphere of the rough with, full of fashion sense, wearing a very high-end atmosphere, and legs are legs long legs, you deserve it.

    2017-04-26 20:06:34
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  • Get rid of no cocoon, summer sandals to wear ~
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