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Home / News > "Cat heels" is what? Fire this year is it!


"Cat heels" is what? Fire this year is it!

For short girls, the height is a lifetime of pain! Want to get rid of this troubled, it can not be separated from high heels, how high and stylish? Then ask your high heels style hot pursuit, "cat heels" is the trend of this year, also known as "Kitten nike factory store Heels", if you do not know, it really want to OUT! When the shoes encounter shallow mouth design, not only more suitable for warm season wear, but also kobe shoes better lengthen the legs of the line sense, is the visual will be able to achieve a high effect, slender legs easy to get! But the shallow mouth of the cat heels on the beige requirements are relatively high, natural skin color black girls to avoid the choice of light-colored system. Beige pointed high heels, is more wild and elegant, it has three heel height choice, you can meet a variety of needs. It is a solid design of the whole, with shallow mouth design, is more able to stretch the foot of the line sense, and its biggest feature is in the shackles of the word design, elegant!

Solid color design with bow design, it is the overall stability in the more elegant temperament, the overall clever design both fashion sense, low-heeled design can bring a more comfortable experience, the foot full of gas field, not only to better show A good leg type, whether with pants or skirt, can show a sense of beauty! The details of the design of the cat heel is very clever, it's pearl plus metal decoration, so that the overall grade to enhance a degree, fashion and more Fan; and its new wine glass heel design is very novel, rough with the smooth and comfortable Sexy, and the use of wear-resistant tendon at the end with pattern design, more comfortable and durable! Intellectual atmosphere full of high heels, is the most suitable choice for office workers, and its shallow mouth design with pointed design, is better lengthen the legs of the line sense, so you easily have slender legs! And this cat heels shoes high, can bring a more comfortable experience, not easy to make the foot injured.

Bow decoration for girls full of girls, is simply no resistance! And bow and cat with the shoes with the more prominent girls Meng Meng's breath, ladies temperament show the most incisive, and its wild effect is very good, casual with a gentle light-colored dress, can make the overall temperament is cheap nike basketball shoes Decent! Pure black more wild color, and this nike discount store cat heel is there are two options, it uses the fabric more comfortable, and its pointed design is able to better lengthen the legs of the line sense, fine Butterfly buckle design adds to the overall sweet atmosphere, whether it is work wear or leisure, can easily control! Speaking of shallow heels to wear shallow mouth, the biggest trouble is to take off your shoes embarrassment, not only greatly reduce the comfort, but also reduce the beauty! And this cat with the characteristics of the design of the heel is the elastic design of the heel, hit the color with the addition of English letters, not only more comfortable, but also adds a sense of overall fashion design.