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Home / News > 170cm boys pay attention to slightly! Is your shoes worn?


170cm boys pay attention to slightly! Is your shoes worn?

As the ancients often cloud: Buddha by gold, people by clothing, the world more shallow eyes, only skin, no bone phase. Many boys in the trouble of their own height and not much good, bitter bi but do not know how good it is. But in fact, these troubles may not be resolved, boys dwarf is not a big problem, the focus will be with a good dress. In the help of Martin boots, bring their own effect is estimated to 2 ~ 3cm, looks very natural, and the special texture of the upper with the bulk of the design, wear more kobe shoes temperament. Whether it is jeans or overalls can take, shoelaces and vamps with the old, uniform style soles, with a little hard shoes, but also particularly exquisite literary style, put on the overall grade is particularly different, more correct, capable. Tooling shoes, material is very light, the end of the design will not be too abrupt, in the fight with the pants pants with a very trend. This pair of cowhide tooling shoes light fashion, all seasons are suitable to wear, like a small partner can consider starting. Running shoes designed casual shoes will also bring a little more effect. This shoe is not the whole version of natural type, warmth is also very good, it is light and simple to wear, travel is excellent, usually a little sport is also very appropriate, the overall mix is ??also very simple, jeans pants are not problem. In terms of shoes, there is no good pants with a very difficult to wear clothing effect, small boys pick pants should not be too tight, this will be stingy.

But also should not be too loose, too loose pants look people will look very short, very side, here Xiaobian recommend to you a few more trendy, self-cultivation nike trainers will not be too tight pants. Simple solid color pants, cut three-dimensional feel better, and the use of fine quality cotton fabric, so you always feel super comfortable wearing a sense. Any leg can be worn, easy to shape the perfect leg curve. nike sale Pants of the self-cultivation function is no picture so exaggerated, but also belong to the legs do not have too much meat to live in the dog. Overall look very comfortable, with a pedal or canvas shoes and the like is very harmonious. Overall with good and bad, pants in the mix to occupy a very important position. Yapi noise will be the beam pants pants to simple and neat version of the type to build, the design focus is the arrangement of the pocket and nike store the knee part of the interspersed, which has a scientific rational thinking to do support. Fabric, with a delicate texture, good toughness and a slightly glossy sense of high quality