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  • High waterproof women's shoes, so beautiful and more relaxed!

    Summer, many girls will wear high heels, although the tall and thin, very elegant and beautiful, but this beautiful is the expense of the expense of comfort, long wear will feel very tired, painful. This summer you can try high waterproof high heels, wearing comfortable and comfortable not tired feet, but also can show you noble aristocratic temperament, serve twice, try it! Do not pick the occasion of the simple black high heels, the upper use of high-quality leather to create, wearing delicate skin-friendly, high brightness, with fine fine with, feet full of urban girls neat style. Champagne personality fish mouth high heels, shoes body over the texture of sequins, wearing a shiny charming more high-end, with exquisite butterfly embellishment, sweet temperament, trendy wild. Shoes, color blooming very characteristic, the use of the classic atmosphere of the emerald, looks very urban Mature sexy charm, with three small high-heeled, upper body filling women elegant temperament.

    Shoes body whole body with hollow design, wearing a relaxed breathable, comfortable not boring, with fresh and pure color and beautiful diamond embellishment, gestures between silver shine, very charming. Shoes with net yarn splicing design, texture, light, neat and feet, wearing a cool breathable, high comfort, coupled with simple rough with embellishment, safe and safe walking. Specifically for the urban workplace women to create a simple small shoes, smooth and smooth, exquisite beauty, with three-dimensional high-heeled and high fashion waterproof platform, wearing comfortable and uncomfortable tired feet. Shoes with exquisite design, and with three-dimensional high-heeled, the middle of the hollow feeling, wearing a comfortable sexy woman without taste, coupled with personalized pattern embellishment, upper body did not suppress. Using high-quality suede nike store to create, touch delicate, flexible and stylish, while yet simple gas, with simple small high-heeled and high fashion waterproof, classic atmosphere, trendy and beautiful.

    2017-05-26 19:51:35
  • Feet comfortable, life is more real

    Season for new clothes, like a blink of an eye, the summer has arrived, the clothing to keep up with the new trend, the same can not be behind the shoes and socks, but also to be comfortable but also to spend time with you every day. Running shoes have some special design to prevent excessive over valgus caused by foot injury, the foot of the foot to provide a good support and durability, it can reduce or control the foot of the excessive varus, to prevent ankle injury, Generally in the anti-skid wear comfort and other properties relative to other footwear has an absolute advantage. Shoes soles are absolutely soft and comfortable, feel better soles of the feet, walking and running more easily, did not feel cheap nike shoes grinding feet. One-piece vamps, seamlessly connected to each area, to achieve superior ventilation, full of flexibility, and the strong support of the integration of the effect, it cast a dress like this feeling.

    Semi-encircled design of the toe anti-kick anti-kick full protection of the foot, running more relaxed and more relaxed, no pressure. The shoes are made of canvas fabric material, comfortable and soft to wear, to help you easily through every day. Tongue with a specially designed fixed belt, leaning against the outside to suppress the deviation, design intimate, exquisite craftsmanship. all black nike shoes High heels has always been a woman's favorite temptation, with charm, elegance, modern, charming in one. In recent years, rehearsal again resurfacing and favored by the big designers, many female friends also fell in love with them, both just right to improve the temperament, but also rest assured that bold wear, compared to fine heels, More comfortable and secure.

    Sandals upper material is sheepskin leather, texture is particularly good to give you a non-general tactile experience, skin does not wear feet, the material itself is wear durable wear. Tendon soles are particularly good anti-skid, and soft fit the feet, put it all day to walk are not tired, tie design to increase the degree of fashion. Modern shoes shoes enough thick enough to tide, because the rough heel irresistible trend, it can reflect the mature and elegant, modern charming temperament characteristics, not only that, comfortable wearing feelings are also sought after by women. This shoe also has a special fashion tip and bow tie, fresh campus style full. Core wire has a high degree of transparency, flexibility is also very good, completely overcome the nylon silk and crystal wire nike shoes defects, feel smooth and smooth, are mainstream products. Core stockings in the organization, design, color and texture, etc. have a variety of changes, light and soft, flexible, fit fit, can set off clothing, but also beautify the body.

    Summer heat, wearing shorts skirt, cool enough sexy enough, but other problems have emerged, sunburn, air conditioning legs, are affecting our daily health, fast stockings to save you. Slim legs, tight skin, but also to prevent the skin by the sun burns, and air conditioning caused by low temperature joint pain, serve multiple purposes, what are you waiting for? Feet are the third face of women, with the legs of the sexy forces can not be ignored, air max carefully care of their legs and feet, the United States and the United States throughout the summer to go out.

    2017-05-25 19:58:28
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