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  • Remove the sport shoes smell the trick, the first you must have used

    Shoes for a long time black nike shoes did not wash, it is easy to produce odor. However, regular cleaning shoes is likely to cause damage to sports shoes. This time, we have any good way to remove the smell, but also the shoes damaged it? In fact, in daily life, we can be good at using some unexpected things, to achieve the desired effect. I believe many people know that orange peel has the function of removing smell. So, many people will nike clearance use it to remove the smell of shoes. As long as the clean orange peel on the shoes, with orange peel fresh taste to play the role of taste. Wait for the moisture of orange peel finished, put in a cool place after ventilation. As long as the dipped in alcohol into the shoes, waiting for alcohol to be completed, you can remove the cotton in the shoes. After that, repeat the first method. Continuous use of this method 1-2 weeks later, will be able to play a good role in removing odor.

    Outdoor hiking shoes, using the first layer of leather material, soft breathable, comfortable foot feeling. Rubber wear outsole, wear nike store waterproof, with a strong practicality. EVA molding in the end, light cushioning, suitable for a variety of outdoor sports. Shoes smell, generally due to sweat accumulation in the shoes. At this time, you can use the hair dryer warm air on the shoes for about a minute to blow dry, can play the role of dry and remove moisture. This is also a good way to effectively remove the smell of sports shoes. Toilet paper we must have a home. At this time, the toilet paper can be divided into thin strips, then the toilet paper into paper balls. Then, put the paper into the feeling of sports shoes, with the insoles pressed. For the reduction of odor generation has a good effect.

    2017-10-17 19:16:30
  • Why do we fall in love with "little white shoes"?

    Since embarked on the community, life is the end of the professional wear and high heels, consciously unconsciously will shield out some accustomed to a single product, such as small white shoes. Always feel and now the work is not appropriate and now the age is not appropriate, but when the white shoes once again popular, but could not help but have. Small white shoes in our may be more of a memory, and the reflection of the green age. Sun, playground, that afternoon, that boy, this is all the meaning of small white shoes. Loose T-shirt, big skirt, clean white shoes, can not forget the memories. As if we suddenly found that small white shoes become so wild so comfortable. Skirt dress calmly, dress sexy, jeans casual, small white shoes can always be accompanied by. Dark color printing, so that the two-piece dress more heavy nike store means, because the small white shoes suddenly become brisk. Can find a pair of suitable small white shoes is not easy, because the small white shoes is not just nike sale leisure, but also can show the art of temperament workplace capable. So need to wait for patience to find. Chinese style retro dress, skirt like a fairy if the air if the orchid, elegant and beautiful. Want to let white shoes completely replace high heels, is not possible, but the small white shoes is not can not reach the height of high heels. nike outlet Looks very flat appearance, the internal design can increase your height is not confident that more confidence, a little dotted pattern, small white shoes will not refuse.

    We know the little white shoes is canvas shoes, which is about the typical configuration of each student era. However, fashion can not stay, even if the canvas shoes are also a bit more changes. Shallow mouth design, can lengthen the instep, ease the visual effects of thick legs, increase the confidence of small white shoes. Since it is difficult to make a big change in color, then the pattern will be rich and colorful. Exquisite and feel the hollow design, to the small white shoes to add a little delicate and charming connotation. If nike air max you have a large pendulum yarn skirt, coupled with such a small white shoes must look very good. Not only for the good-looking, hollow design is to solve the requirements of the summer breathable. Small white shoes can not replace the sandals, but if you have any need in the match, small white shoes will never become a drag on the one. The more simple the more wild the more out of color. Put on a small white shoes, maybe you can not sexy can not dignified can not graceful, but it can make your match with no specific formula, make your image look more natural. In a sense, the freedom of small white shoes like sex and any style can be in tune, the key is the bones have such a true temperament.

    2017-10-15 19:16:49
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