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  • Want to pick the favorite canvas shoes, nike shoes on sale these three strokes to learn!

    Set of young, stylish, casual in one canvas shoes, whether it is travel or exercise, are one of the best choice. Wear a pair of lively, playful, colorful canvas casual shoes, easy to walk in the embrace of nature, it is very wonderful to enjoy. So in the selection of canvas shoes should pay attention to what? Next, Xiaobian for everyone to explain. First, pick the canvas shoes look first. When the purchase depends on the upper to the curvature of the upper is normal, whether the two shoes on the lining, with or without color; from the heel to see the shoe body and soles are vertical, with or without skew holes, whether to lining; The printed pattern and the text is clear, paste or stitching decorative icon is solid. Second, check the soles. Soles generally use rubber outsole, so that the soles of the requirements of wear, anti-skid, but also light, so when the purchase depends on the soles of the anti-skid stripes are clear, with or without defects, stripes are uniform. Third, check the insole. The end of the hand to touch the soft, there is a certain flexibility, the printing of the trademark to be clear. Look at the rubber bonding site to see if there are small spots, bubbles. Using high-quality camouflage canvas, color style looks very young. Graffiti pattern modification of the upper is more classic, the whole is the feeling of youthful lively girl, high-help design with casual wind street full nike running shoes range.

    Comfortable canvas fabric, solid breathable, soft and comfortable, wearing a light experience, the use of secondary vulcanization process, sympathetic more comfortable and strong, zebra stripes with zipper design, fashion Fan children full, both personality and street style, a variety of colors can Choice, very fashionable. Shoes followed by fashion trends, wild good match, the personality of the embroidery there are literary range of children, cotton and linen soles, comfortable wear, walking pressure-free, a variety of embroidery patterns optional, nike store show different styles, fine organization, not degumming constantly At the end, filling good quality. Wear a very pull the wind, hand-painted graffiti pattern, fashionable fashion, unique personality, high-help post-arc midline is a S-curve, bumps and pits set, in line with the Asian foot type, effectively prevent the heel, tired. Simple small white shoes can be said nike air max that this year's popular vane, almost every fashionable crush has a pair of small white shoes. Elegant style with simple design, wild leisure, suitable for all occasions, comfortable and breathable fabrics, bringing the ultimate wearing experience. Flat white shoes lazy models, do not worry about shoelaces, wear off easily. There are many shoes in the shoe, but the real comfort is not much. This comfortable breathable little white shoes, good wear and wild! Simple design style is the most classic style, keep up with the trend, full of fashion.

    2017-07-23 20:03:59
  • How to wear high heels do not wear feet?

    Speaking of high heels, nikes on sale I believe that women around the world will be excited to jump, because this treasure really powerful! Whether you are 8 years old or 80 years old, is fat or thin, is elegant or lazy wind, put it, casually to the street, fashion sense of immediate effect. High heels like a woman's life-saving straw, do not know what to wear shoes when wearing high nike store heels it! Anyway, there are pointed, hollow, square head, low with the high heel ... ... so we can see tens of thousands of high heels worn - heel. The shoe magnifier can change the shape of the shoe as much as possible, but because of the incorrect posture and other factors, our feet may have been deformed sometimes, the amplifier can not play a very good effect. At this point, we need anti-wear foot cream. Its texture is similar to lip balm, in the skin surface to form a layer of invisible barrier, effectively reduce the skin and shoes friction, reduce the rate of blister.

    Advertised as Virgo custom shoes, it is powerful! The 7cm glass with easy to control, in line with the hot mom's daily needs. The inner layer of the first layer of pigskin and the outer layer of the first layer of sheepskin combination, it is easy to take the opportunity to minimize the chance of grinding feet friends. In addition to a small bow outside the decoration is not too much, but more of this age should not have a girl heart ~ unconsciously have been in middle age I seem to have a sense of fatigue, like the things gradually to simple Wind development, such as this simple high heels is very concerned about the heart. But do not look at it less, version type and curvature is very particular about, put on a careless put the legs straight up the line. Anyway, this nude color I am standing, do not know how to wear when it turned it card it. Speaking of high heels, this more than half a century classic style certainly can not miss it ~ whether it is skirt or pants, it can gracefully match. The black nike outlet store part of the toe is responsible for tightening the line, the nude part of the body is responsible for black nike shoes the paste color was high, High wear-resistant tendon at the end, whether it is to go to the market to buy food or shoes from school, rest assured to wear it ~

    2017-07-20 19:53:49
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