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A pedal nike free 5.0 shoes, different occasions to switch freely

In fact, a woman's shoes changeable, in fact, many men's shoes doorway, men's leather shoes, according to the different shoe and shoe lines, can be divided into several, from which to choose both casual or formal occasions non-one No shoes and no shoes. Convenient to wear off the way to bring comfortable wearing experience, rich styling to meet your different needs, can be formally casual, different occasions, free to switch style. A pedal leather shoes, different occasions free to switch! Classic version to meet the needs of different types of foot wear, upper leather production, good touch and clear texture at all times care for nike factory store your feet, soft soles, comfortable and comfortable to walk through the heart For the concept, enjoy every step of the music in life. First layer of leather upper, delicate and solid quality, suppleness degree. Convenient to wear a pedal, convenient and nike shox clearance quick fit comfortable, rubber soles, flexible and both good wear resistance, comfortable feet feel a long time to wear not tired. Water soft fall leather upper, special process rub color toe, grain texture full and clear, super soft, folded without deformation without leaving marks, comfortable new experience, red, blue and white arc walk on both sides of the shoe body, and more Show vitality Ming-yan, casual free and easy style.

A pedal design to meet nike free 5.0 the needs of easy to wear off, soft dough upper material, soft touch to bring a comfortable wearing experience, non-slip soles to ensure that every step of the walking comfort and safety. One-piece upper, leather production of deep leather, durable wear. Stylish design, tension and beauty, beautiful personality, pointed design effectively extend the leg lines, three-dimensional comfort inside, Hyperpoile insoles, so that the two feet feel the original cool. Classic toe with cowhide material, texture can be clear, showing generous, comfortable feet refuse boredom, shoe body sturdy tough, effective reinforcement of the shoe body, highlights the fine workmanship, high-quality outsole to wear comfortable, Make walking safer.