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Home / News > After 20 years old, boys can grow taller?


After 20 years old, boys can grow taller?

Height is congenital genetic or acquired efforts? I personally think that there are two factors, I am a buddy is not high parents, but he was like sports and then grow to one meter eight. The day after tomorrow's efforts to grow taller is not much, but certainly also has a role, the key is to look at your own efforts and some necessary health diet nutrition to be full and so on. Boys 24 years old before they can grow taller, as long as more to do some sports, such as skipping play basketball badminton Han, for nike running shoes safety should choose a comfortable sports shoes, air cushion heel more secure. Breathable fabric mesh material, a simple basic version of the type, the use of ultra-light material, anti-skid effect is very good, relatively absorbent shoe material, it is suitable for running shoes. Simple black and white style hit the color, the classic foundation is very fashionable, wild good effect, soft fabric wearing comfortable, relatively thick soles have shock effect. Simple stitching design is very casual, style is very trendy, anti-skid effect is very good, very thick soles are more wearable material, very casual is also a trendy wild. Breathable effect is very good, is also very classic retro style design, very simple and very comfortable, with a very comfortable color, soft fabric, wearing a very casual and generous.

Comparison of the personality of the retro style shoes, simple solid color with a delicate design after the trend has become very cheap cheap nike air max nikes casual, exquisite workmanship and generous, very soft. Mesh material design is very fashionable, style is also very trendy, more suitable for young tide male, soles of the design is also very trendy and comfortable, soft and generous.