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Are you still ankle? It's time to reveal your socks!

In fact, the exposure of socks is no longer the latest trend, the first two years of street shooting we can see the stars up to have such people wear, whether it is with sports shoes, Lova shoes or high heels, socks have become the influx of people Dress with the cheap nikes crowning touch. Just as a real life people, we still can not accept such a way to wear socks. After all, this wear a law of silence will give people a kind of soil to the feeling of dregs, so be safe, we still prefer to choose a law-abiding match. However, nike running shoes here for everyone to bring the best out of socks with the law, according to this wear, you are not afraid of being ridiculed by others do not understand it! Carrefour shoes have a neutral sense of their own handsome, with socks will add a personality based on handsome sense ~ we usually wear sneakers are used with short socks, in fact, may wish to pick a little longer, let it Revealed a section, can add some girls feeling for you oh.

If you wear tired of pure color socks, you can also try the hottest current striped socks, with your sneakers is also excellent! The tight feet pants to the booties, and then wrapped in a pair of socks, socks to more than the length of the boot 2-3cm is appropriate, the color choice can choose a pair of colors and the shirt, so there will be a very good echo of each other Oh ~ Wear pants, or roll your jeans, then with socks, then wear a pair of sports all black nike shoes shoes is also a good choice. Of course, in addition, up to people also showed us with a variety of styles, such nike factory outlet as socks with sandals, with high heels ... ... but Xiaobian suggest that you master the above with a few rules is fine, after all, we just Want to catch the trendy ordinary people, a lot of eye-catching style is not necessarily suitable for us, at every passing day it is easy to wear out a kind of country Aunt both vision.