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Home / News > Beauty high-heeled control girl essential practical shoes skills, must take a few steps back and forth


Beauty high-heeled control girl essential practical shoes skills, must take a few steps back and forth

Many women love shoes can be described as obsessed with the state, dragged from the word to the thick platform shoes, and then to a woman has been unable to hate heaven ... ... In fact, nowadays these popular shoes, how much will have an impact on health and body shape, then How should we choose in the end, how to wear suitable shoes? It is best to choose shoes between 3pm and 6pm as your feet will swell a little at this time, and if you choose the size you are not feeling small, there will be no problem at all other times of the day. Standing try on, because the foot when standing will be slightly larger than sitting. Try not to wear only look in the mirror to buy, be sure to take a few steps back and forth, carefully feel the stability and size of shoes is appropriate. Trying to bring their own stockings clean stockings, easy to wear when trying shoes (especially the ankle is very tight leg package boots), to avoid the embarrassment of sweat stains shoes tried. About two-thirds of people two feet are not the same big, remember which only long short, try two shoes when trying on. Follow the slightly larger shoe. Can not simply choose shoes or trustees to buy on shoeshine, must personally try on, because to the last, style or brand model standards, the specific size of shoes will be different. Feet will expand and contract as the season is different, so when you buy a summer discount shoe in winter, you try on the nikes on sale right size with the summer may be nike discount store slightly smaller.

The ideal size is at least: ten toes in the shoes can be free to move, comfortable cushion and moderate interior space; shoe surface and the foot of the recess at the arc very fit, ankle and toe touch shoes; forefoot There must be some room for activity, if the tiptoe to withstand the toe when the heel and the back of the shoe can also reach between the fingers of a distance, the size just right; heel on the soles of the surface should be good to stick to the heel, walking Can not slide to slip; to see from the top of their feet bow and the shoes of the central arc is consistent, to confirm whether the elastic feet around the appropriate. Do not because of the end of the season the temptation to discount or really like to let their feet on the move to a pair of different size shoes, shoes, size is too small, even if worn for a long time, hold up to a large extent is also very limited, sometimes the foot of the scene may cause corn, blisters , Foot pain, leg pain, back pain and a series of symptoms. If the pair of shoes in front of you dream design, almost perfect arc, exudes the most fashionable color light, reasonable price. You just love it at first sight. Unfortunately, the material is not good, advise you or choose to pass it. In the economic conditions permitting, it is nike factory store recommended that you choose the best leather, 皮皮锟斤拷 (smooth without sutures), all leather shoes. Because the leather breathable, sweat-absorbing function and flexibility are good, it is more consistent with your foot shape, do not suppress the sweat, wear more comfortable, leather, leather can also reduce the sound. Check the leather cortex is good or bad, not in the toe on both sides of the shoe, the best shoes on both sides of the selection of leather, look at the thickness is uniform.

Choose soft and flexible soles, can be more evenly distributed impact, when buying high heels by the way to buy a half pad can also moderate the pressure on the foot. Although leather and leather shoes may be relatively slippery on first try, but after a few passes, the situation is much better. Although it looks modern metal eye-catching eye-catching, but it is really easy to be bad, and the possibility of repair is small. In general, it feels comfortable with: the higher the heel, the wider the trousers; the shorter the heel, the narrower the trousers. So try short heel or flat shoes, may wish to clip a small clip with a narrow look at the effect. Select the color slightly darker than the color of the skin shoes, legs will look tall and tall. And in a few pairs of shoes indecisive time, may wish to think: they have shiny material, decorative bows, buckles or jumping colors? Because nike shoes - these tend to make the legs look shorter. However, the sharp contrast of the toe and the vamps makes the legs look smaller and more delicate. Low heel lace ankle strap does help show sexy, but it is also really easy to appear long legs, slender legs more suitable for such shoes. If you really like, we recommend that you choose shoes that are close to the skin color lace.