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Home / News > Deep V shoes, you can not know it has a long leg secret


Deep V shoes, you can not know it has a long leg secret

Keguan nike outlet store people know that V-lapel has a significant role in the neck, and can reveal the beautiful and beautiful swan neck. Similarly, V-neck use in the shoes also have a thin effect, cleverly exposed skinny instep, but also from the visual sense of the increase of ten centimeters! This argument does not seem exaggerated, if you do not believe the words, with Xiaobian together with the evidence slightly ~ deep V thick with OL high heels, deep V mouth is different from the usual high-heeled shoes in the upper design on the upper edge of the deep V-shaped openings, and narrow the opening of the section, so as to achieve from the legs to the foot of the extension of the visual effects, shaping the legs of the beautiful lines, with pedicure was thin features.

Simple wild rough heels, the use of exquisite leather, showing bright shiny upper, thick side of the mold soles and thick with wear-resistant non-slip, walking to light and light, not tired feet. 2017 spring and autumn new, small with the design height just right, in the color on the use of military green color, retro and stylish. Moreover, the leather fabric feet soft feet, comfortable and durable. Deep V mouth stripes half slippers, a popular fashion circle of the United States and tired shoes, how much fashion it is not so obsessed with it. Striped design of the upper, can be described as bright eyes ah. Coupled with exquisite little fine with, look elegant fashion. Meimei who have not love it at first sight blanket.

The word buckle velvet side v mouth high heels, heel has been carefully designed to perfect the best angle of 45 degrees, so that arch arc and high-heeled arch anastomosis, full care of the feet, plus the ankle at the end of the word buckle and side V design, elongated leg type, so comfortable and beauty with the same. Square head deep V thick with high heels, simple wild with color, highlight the light luxury fashion, at the same time, square head version of the type, the feet more comfortable and delicate. With a simple and stylish pipe pants, filling the workplace female wind. Crocodile pattern shoes, dark green and metal color stitching, to the shoes to add fashion sense of the atmosphere, with crocodile pattern of the pointed, highlight the texture. Put on the feet with noble and elegant aristocratic temperament, with a sexy elegant package hip skirt, very Western style. Europe and the United States fine with suede high heels, the use of breathable pig skin inside, to retain the original skin material wear resistance, soft touch, breathable. Moreover, the rubber end with a non-slip texture, a high degree of wear, comfortable and lightweight foot. Girls can also choose multi-color it. Deep V half slippers, in the face of lebron james shoes the material used on the selection of leather, look bright and nike store smooth, ultra-fiber inside, the feet soft and comfortable. Intimate is nike outlet store that the semi-slippers also designed a fixed foot with a small thin belt, walking is not afraid of easy to fall, convenient and there Fan. Suede strap V mouth low heels, the use of suede fabric, increase the exquisite shoes, plus shoes open fork with design, tied on the bow, with a sexy sweet little woman temperament. With an oversised sweater or sweater, filling the lazy with sex.