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Home / News > Do not want to be embarrassed in the summer? It is important to choose shoes


Do not want to be embarrassed in the summer? It is important to choose shoes

For those who have beriberi, every summer day will be troubled, not only to their nike shoes for sale own, but also to the people around, very tortured people, and if because of wearing a pair of airtight shoes, a little out of point Khan on itchy uncomfortable, even more embarrassing, rub to rub the special nike store pain. That is, with pepper to feet, I believe that we will not feel strange plastic flower, it is a very common spices, but also basically have every family, not only can kill itching governance beriberi, but nike air max also help the body of blood Smooth circulation, the plastic wrap with the face, when the foot bath on the inside, a long time down is also easy to lift Oh, of course, in the choice of shoes above, but also try to choose breathable, but also to ease a lot. Selection of high-quality soft leather carefully cut, literally shoes can also make foot-type modified more perfect, 8 cm heel height design, put on just can enjoy the charm of temperament, walking too long will not seem tired feet, no matter how With very fashionable, is a good choice for summer sandals.

Selection of the trend of comfortable ultra-slippery cut sandals, soft texture and feel smooth, together with the skin of the first layer of pig skin inside, wearing a more breathable feet, moisture perspiration is not easy to breed bacteria, of course, Relieve beriberi, always keep the feet healthy. A very personalized fashion Gaotong Roman open-toed sandals, not only for the entire dress shape to add highlights, but also better to modify the leg lines, so that the body looks more symmetrical slender, west around the belt design, but also Good balance of Roman shoes, a sense of tough, very suitable for modern luxury fashion women, with shorts or dress are very trendy. Cross-winding Roman wind strap flat sandals, with the word of the toe, but also at any time to reveal the sexy feet, so that the feet of the free breathing, heel behind the use of convenient zipper design, but also more convenient to wear off, Coupled with exquisite lace, can bring out a sense of hierarchy, suitable for all kinds of foot crush. Exquisite and elegant sandals, extraordinary design wear on the feet can also make you look different, imported suede cut the upper, affixed to the soft foot to walk more comfortable, the word wristband matched with tassels embellishment, Walking even more swaying, cute play add a little elegant, so you always keep a state of self-confidence.

Comparison of retro art sandals, selection of the first layer of leather cut the upper, the texture also appears to be more delicate, worn on the feet cheap nike sneakers soft and comfortable and more wear-resistant, with the bottom of the rubber outsole, comfortable anti-skid walking is not tired feet, Feet perfect package, even if the foot type does not look good to wear it can add a few points.