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Home / News > Early summer tide shoes war, Yan Hao and sexy, it only waiting for you to lift


Early summer tide shoes war, Yan Hao and sexy, it only waiting for you to lift

But also to the early summer, the temperature continued to fever, buy shoes into a new round of "choose difficult" disease! It is necessary to breathe, light, but also comfortable, the tide ride, it is best to buy a pair, you can take all the ~ of course, after a round of dress, have to take care of the badly vomit blood vessels ~ "angel and demon" series jogging , One weaving socks-style "one pedal" style, design close to full marks, the rules of Po elements into the pattern, full of strong tide taste, this summer, it is about to harvest a wave of wave male favor. Thin to 4mm single-layer breathable knitted uppers, so that the nike outlet natural circulation of air inside and outside the shoes, the rapid discharge of perspiration, super cool breathable fabric, so that walking feet dry and comfortable, no muffled stuffy feet.

Forced to pull open, one of nike air max women the molding of the "high-performance silk nylon nylon" upper, its flexibility and package, but also other similar products can not be compared. The higher fit of the wrapped cheap nike air max feet feel, it is the best gentle. A forming MD memory shock in the end, high elasticity, more flexibility, can be free to bend 360 degrees, running jump, so that it has every step, so light and free. From a single layer of thin upper, to the light MD bottom, layers of weight loss. Only 240g of the total weight of shoes, so that the feeling of light on the feet difficult to resist. Put it on, together and more relaxed summer, say Hi! Move the toes, stretch new nike shoes free; size appropriate size, about a wide finger around; shoes wrapped a good degree, completely not scratching the foot. With curling cowboy and other 9 pants, are very long legs Oh ~ not only the collection of "black and white ash" can call a good friend! And even the girls heart bursting "pink sprout." This summer full of sub-section, the price is also higher than the high, it is unable to refuse friends ~ chop chop chop it ~ ~