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Enjoy the intellectual, enjoy the early autumn flat shoes

Now this season, not very cold is not too hot, it is appropriate, it is necessary to come to a pair of stylish and comfortable shoes, in the sunny sunny time, put on to go out, is definitely a sharp weapon Oh! To tell the truth, wearing so long high heels, it is time to put on flat shoes, a good place to relax the foot. Next, Xiaobian want to share with you some of the important points of maintenance shoes. A pair of shoes is best to wear every other day. Because the shoes after the day after the sweat will make the shoes produce nike shox moisture, so go home, the shoes should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to prevent the breeding of bacteria. Usually wearing shoes, the application of shoes or soft hair to wipe the dust. Heel and shoe body of the gap position, you can use the tip of the brush to remove the dirt, and then into the shoe to prevent leather deformation. If there is no shoe brace, can be put into the newspaper instead. If the shoes wet, the application of dry cloth to absorb the moisture of the shoes, after the cool and ventilated place so that the shoes naturally dry, do not put the wet shoes on the sun exposure, air conditioning or dry with a hairdryer, Otherwise prone to burst phenomenon. Maintenance shoes is also an art, love shoes, love yourself! Le Fu shoes is the European fashion industry must be the pet, is the star model, fashion up to the wardrobe must be a single product. This combination of Le Fu shoes simple wave, with the latest material blend of superb excellent Italian-style technology, improve comfort. Into the modern full of mirror patent leather, classic retro style intersection of modern design, the lebron 13 classic interpretation of the distinctive taste.

Perhaps in the fashion instigation, people will go to buy those who regret their own shoes, but the "classic" of the inheritance and popularity of all because of the depth of the pursuit of quality. Classic music shoes style, a shoe three wear, a powerful practical function to let it air max instantly come to the fore. Side buckle, round buckle heart and change. Heel material specially selected a particularly soft, comfortable leather, you can wear when the slippers, it will not deformation Oh. Shoes are not easy to detect the decoration was well received, smooth lines with a simple buckle buckle shoes, clean and fresh style can easily set off your shape, eye-catching at the same nike store time but not too much. Uppers of the metal circle design seems to have a mysterious potential to the elements of a rich sense of geometric design, seemingly simple lines can outline the unexpected visual effects. Its design highlights is affinity, chic, simple! The use of the first layer of leather, delicate lines and vivid, upper metal buckle, simple and atmospheric, PU insole, breathable and absorbent, comfortable heel with rubber material, non-slip and wear, comfortable to wear tight, To comfortable walking experience, bring bare feet like free.

Choose a soft sheepskin material, delicate lines and vivid, bring a comfortable visual feeling, giving a feeling of quality, bow and metal with a highlight of the texture, fashion and suction eye, comfortable pig leather insole, breathable and sweat , Step up to bring the feeling of bare feet, comfortable soles made of rubber material, non-slip and wear. The first layer of leather material, so that the surface of the shoes look delicate and vivid, clear lines, is a natural form of leather, with a natural texture. Transparent pearl decoration in the shoes, to enhance the overall beauty of the shoes, highlighting the quality of feeling, comfortable pig leather insole, breathable and sweat, coupled with a comfortable heel made of rubber material, non-slip wear, so that Travel more freedom. Choose the Japanese imports of high-standard anti-skid anti-skid wear-resistant outsole, walking the body's gravity can be spread evenly to protect your feet and knees, resistance 100UP, as if walking light-like, delicate round Design, in the intellectual show low-key sweet feeling, the end of the use of soft and comfortable materials, walking exercise, can effectively reduce the foot pressure. It is your wild holy goods is the savior of your shoe, the four seasons to wear it so that every day with no pressure, with a strong feeling of the streets, people nostalgia! Shoe last designed after careful consideration, in line with the Asian foot type, to bring the feeling of comfort, patent leather fabric so that it is very convenient to take care, gently rub the light as bright as the new, dark color is simply with Of the holy goods!