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Essential basic shoes to see the first look! Help you getting better!

A single woman's road is not so easy to go, which is why we need so many beautiful shoes to make this journey become more beautiful and interesting. "First of all, you need a pair of comfortable shoes, so that the journey of high spirits, feast for the eyes because," standing on high heels, I can see the whole world. "Workplace girls need more than a pair of good shoes, this world, to accompany one of your shoes is comfortable, is willing to know. Usually in addition to work, this kitten is a good choice. Shoes height can let us Keep a perfect comfort in the daily life of the kitten with both can be solemn, but not too serious ~ workplace girls must. Heel best about 5 cm high, the maximum not more than 8cm, on the one hand is too high is not easy to walk, Black leather classic high heels are generally nike shoes men leather, suede, patent leather, satin four options optional. Patent leather some dazzling, ordinary leather no features, satin for the occasion, Xiaobian their work In addition to black, can be followed by: nude color (white) red, leopard, nike outlet or color, combined with personal preferences and dress with the adjustment, the summer clothes can be used with nude color and white, light pink And green is also fresh color. Personal recommendation simple style high heels.

Love shoes are a kind of flat shoes, different from the style of ballet shoes. Xiao Bian is ballet loyalty, Carrefour is also very comfortable, more own style, belongs to the college taste of the British wind. Sandals styles, there are formal style, evening style, simple black striped sandals last summer is not nike trainers too hot. Can be elegant and capable both, the workplace party two affordable. No matter how the woman, wearing high heels will become sexy. Not to mention a pair of swaying crystal shoes. Evening shoes: on behalf of the day to wear a little grand atmosphere of shoes, including wedding shoes, crystal, party shoes. Every woman in the closet should have one or two pairs of special formal - evening shoes. With your beautiful skirt, dating dating. Workplace girls must have sports shoes: small black shoes, small cheap nike shoes white shoes, running, walking are light, small series often wear sports shoes to the office, put on high-heeled, comfortable and convenient, while reducing the high heels wear on the road. Travel must be, walking and then comfortable, but the following pair of pink is my new entry this year.