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Home / News > Girls do not wear high heels in the eyes of men what is the difference?


Girls do not wear high heels in the eyes of men what is the difference?

Remember to see a movie before, mainly to introduce the heroine through their own efforts to achieve their dreams, and finally give up the honor has been, let go to pursue the story of life you want. In comparison, I like to watch the movie inside the fashion element plot. Girls do not wear high heels really big difference, the heroine just started flat shoes, white shirt so that the company colleagues can not understand, summed up a word: soil, but later in the heroine colleagues help, the heroine wear The high heels, gorgeous clothes, the whole person's temper immediately after a few hundred times before the rejection. Some people say that if the girls do not wear high heels 23 years old, then you will not have the opportunity to wear high heels in the future, we can see high-heeled shoes is a girl's life compulsory course ah. As we all know, girls wear high heels can stretch the ratio, wearing high heels, the pace will be smaller and faster, walking knees and hip bending degree are smaller, walking more feminine, the curve is lebron james shoes also more prominent. That in the eyes of boys, girls wear high heels do not wear what is the difference?

Wearing high heels look good, sexy temperament. A certain height of the high heels can stretch the proportion of the whole body, such as the legs look more slender, hip, chest. , People look more spiritual, but not the higher the better high heels, nor is the higher the more good-looking, but sometimes caused by a lot of bad-looking phenomenon. In the eyes of boys, wearing 5CM high heels and flat shoes is not much difference. And do not wear high-heeled girls in the eyes of boys is always missing some feminine, not charming sexy. In general, the girls do not wear high heels like chicken soup is no salt, whether there is a seductive feminine. How to choose high heels, here to give you a little advice:

Be sure black nike shoes to try and buy it yourself. Brand is not the focus, have their own nike shox clearance test. Shoes curvature and feet to fit, and heel to be stable, leather shoes will be comfortable. You can start from 5 cm below the heel must not save money. As the saying goes, a price of goods, absolutely no wrong. If you want to wear, must not save the province, to buy to buy leather, sheepskin or leather, and just wear high heels for people who are more comfortable, not just wear fear. Choose to meet their age shoes. Age is not the same brand is not the same, to fit their own age. High heels is to be fine to high, or not good-looking, slope and rough with the high-heeled shoes can be nike outlet used to wear, once familiar, immediately abandoned them

Good-looking pointed style, coupled with a small skirt look very good legs long, with the degree is very suitable, very good to wear, soles are very soft, breathable Ye Hao, not grinding feet!