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Home / News > Girls wear skirt with the 4 shoes! Most boys welcome


Girls wear skirt with the 4 shoes! Most boys welcome

Summer, really is a suitable for wearing a skirt season ah! Xiao Bian has been discussed with the last time, with the skirt with shoes, there are several shoes with the most disgusted boys, sister who get it? Perhaps you will say that you dress with not for others to see, but for their own appreciation. However, cheap nike running shoes in the dress with, get someone else's approval is not more confident? Light and small shoes, not only boys like, as girls we liked. And why is a single shoe? This is because the boys are not confident of their height Oh, girls wear skirts with flat shoes, you can create the most budding height Oh ~ lattice flat shoes, shoes with a pointed design, the maximum degree of modification of the leg curve, Pointed flat shoes with skirts, not only will not show legs thick, but also very self-cultivation was thin Flat shoes, if you want to say all the flat shoes, the kind of shoes to wear the most comfortable, that non-bean shoes is none other than ah, classic wild, comfortable and light, nike factory store completely hold all the skirt. For the height of their own confidence in the boys, more appreciation is the dwarf heels friends. Shoes with a short design, you can keep the legs and feet height of the connection, can be a good extension of the legs, enhance the elegance, but also help girls build big legs. Is there a boy who does not like big legs?

Pointed dwarf heels, shoes pointed design, very beautiful and elegant, elegant and elegant, the upper side of the buckle embellishment, more sense of design Oh nike shoes men ~ cat heels Oh, in this year all the short heels, the cat with Shoes call is the highest, it is less dangerous, more sub-fine, cat with shoes and skirt with, I think it will not be bad ~ v shoes, shoes with a classic round design, it is very Retro type, comfortable shoes, version of the strange type, with any skirt, are the United States and the United States da ~

Small white shoes, if you want to ask in the skirt and casual with the highest rate of choice, it is certainly our little white shoes, beautiful fashion, but also very wild Oh ~ canvas shoes, said summer casual shoes, how Can I accompany the most important time to read the canvas shoes? Canvas shoes simple and stylish version of the type, whether it is with pants, skirt, the effect nike shop is stick bar.