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Home / News > Good wear and good ride, Muller shoes is so amazing!


Good wear and good ride, Muller shoes is so amazing!

The weather is getting hot, to the feet for our feet looking for a pair of cool, comfortable, and good time to wear shoes! Every year the appearance of sandals varied, fashion trends are different, and this year, there has been such a retro and stylish, Variety and wild Mueller shoes, became the darling of the fashion circle! Muller shoes was originally a kind of ancient Roman shoes, referring to the kind of heel exposed, shoes, shoes, shoes do not reveal the front. Muller shoes style lazy, at the time be regarded as boudoir special shoes. Until our sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe put it out of the boudoir, this became a pair of daily shoes. After so many years of change, Muller shoes style is more and more, the major brands of show field, all kinds of Mueller shoes dazzling, and in the stars and fashion up to the street shooting, Mu Le shoes also occupy nike free 5.0 an important seat. So, the most fashionable pioneer favorite Mueller shoes in the end is that several?

Flat Muller shoes may be the most popular Muller shoes style, and its real wear is very high, flat heel, wear very comfortable. In the summer, a pair of casually pedal can go Muller shoes, simply can not be better! Moreover, the characteristics of Mu Le shoes wild, leaving you do not have to worry about with the problem! Flat shoes pointed design, just in the Mu Le shoes lazy characteristics, in the sex with a bit more women temperament. Feet at the foot of the bow tie decorated, both modified the feet of the lines, so that your feet do not black and white nikes look so wide, and let the shoes a little more elegant and elegant, the front looks like a pair of fine shoes! Many styles of flat shoes, the hottest should be this embroidery design of the flat Muller shoes! Rich colors and exquisite embroidery patterns, whether it is with pants or skirts, can wear clothing noble temperament to! High-end atmosphere of an embroidered Muller shoes, light luxury silk cloth uu, delicate skin and delicate touch, highlighting its extraordinary taste. Colorful and beautiful exquisite embroidery, very Chinese style of the wind, gorgeous and elegant, retro fashion, you can not speak! Comfortable flat with, wear it effortlessly. It's gorgeous to nike air max let you even with simple casual jeans, can highlight your elegance!

High-quality sheep turned cortex, soft and comfortable, and skin-friendly breathable. Pointed shape, with a little bit of skill and handsome, the women's gas field show free. And the upper one of the lovely plush ball, and in the tip of the domineering, but the lining of the shoes of the lovely, and that hidden in the little bit of the lovely little girl nike clearance store heart. Fish mouth shoes have always been very much like the female, fish mouth shoes look like feet particularly delicate look good, so when the fish mouth and Mueller shoes combined, naturally loved by girls. Comparison of the proposed selection of high-heeled fish mouth Mueller shoes, after all, with the mouth of the fish mouth Mueller shoes, pick the bad words, looks like wearing slippers is no different Scrub cortical fish mouth Mueller shoes, it seems exudes elegant charm. With a retro style of the square head of the fish mouth, revealing the toes at the same time, neither too pinch, but also look good eyes look good. Steady 5cm thick heel, with a sense of building a solid design, so you gas field doubled. Simple shape, simple and capable, sexy and elegant without publicity. There are flat Muller shoes, naturally there are high-heeled Muller shoes. Rough shoes with the high-heeled by the girls favorite, in addition to wearing comfortable, but also to enhance the elevation, and thick and thin compared with the more smooth, completely small and not good at wearing high-heeled gurus gospel!

Handsome and yet a feminine Muller shoes, soft leather, soft and comfortable, vamp sexy V-shaped shoe design, in the cover of your big feet at the same time, V-type shoes can modify the instep Lines, very thin! Square head design, retro and stylish, unique taste and style. Steady rough with, wood painting design, in the visual bring fresh and unique feelings! There are coarse with the Mueller, naturally, ultimately, fine with the Mueller shoes. Fine high-heeled Muller shoes more feminine and elegant, and fine high-heeled Muller shoes are also V-shaped shoe design, it is very thin Oh! High-quality leather material, which are imported ultra-fine skin, with a good moisture perspiration, even if put on a whole day, still fresh and breathable, very comfortable. Pointed design, V-type shoes, the combination of the two highlights the shoes of this woman's taste, coupled with elegant wine glass with high-heeled, that endless noble and elegant, full of charm!