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Home / News > High heels wear a long time uncomfortable? 3 teach you to ease


High heels wear a long time uncomfortable? 3 teach you to ease

Fashion industry has a saying is no high-heeled woman, whether it is fine with the delicate sexy, or rough with the safe fashion, and ultimately, the pursuit of the girls fanatical, can be described as a high-heeled like a sea, from the flat is a passer-by. But wear a long time heels will never be blessed, then what way to avoid the emergence of this situation? 1. Pad cushion to ease the walking pressure. 2. wear a thick heel shoes to get a good balance 3. In contact with the feet and more places with a layer of soap to prevent friction.

People who love to wear shoes are those who have leisurely attitude towards life. However, music shoes with high fashion elements filled with fashionable British Fan children. Rough with the design also allows you to walk more comfortable, square head shoes are more neat and capable atmosphere. All kinds of colors are very retro retro Oh. Shoes as a whole kind of retro British children, square head part of the color, plus the texture of the leather, more rich the overall retro feeling. The middle part of the tassel is very bright, metal buttons hit the color is really very careful, put it will be greatly increased temperament Oh. Retro Mary Jane shoes, girls heart bursting feeling, bring their own age effect. Single shoes thicker sponge insole can ease the pressure to walk to the soles of the feet. You can adjust the buckle, let you farewell from the foot with the foot.

If you want to say a color most attractive eyes, then I think it is definitely red. Sexy red suede high heels, pointed shallow mouth design, perfect modified leg type. With thick with the design, a solid focus, shopping to buy buy will not be tired. Spring will be colorful. This fashionable metal side buckle fashionable wild, and shoes strongly echoed. Stylish 8cm thick with, sexy pointed nike shox clearance all black nike shoes design, in the visual very thin, the second change the temperament queen is it oh. Fashionable pointed shoes beautifully modified legs of the lines, so that your feet look more slender, swaying little fine with more charming Oh, the nest of the texture, to enhance the whole pair of shoes grade, looks full of temperament.

Rounded curve with classic square cheap nikes head design, design quite the atmosphere, modify the foot curve, filling your little feminine. No use of the tie but the use of hit the color of the metal ring, more foot slim, asymmetrical two beads, it is good-looking. Black is the universal color, the nike sale integration of low-key luxury and other elements, coupled with the back of the bow so that the shoes are more queen temperament, pointed shoes are often more fashionable, all of a sudden to enhance the gas field.