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Home / News > High lebron 13 heels in addition nike outlet online to increased, there is this effect?


High lebron 13 heels in addition nike outlet online to increased, there is this effect?

High heels is a lot of urban women like to wear shoes, not only because some professional requirements, more because of wearing high heels, will become confident, gas field open. Especially cheap nike running shoes for short girls, is the same as the increase in magic! But today do not say high heels do not increase, because in addition to increase, it has this effect! Wear high heels can make your body more perfect proportion, there is a body of gold ratio, as long as that ratio, the whole will be a lot of good, but not everyone has a golden ratio, so can only rely on high heels to nike shop scrape it! We can search the formula for the proportion of gold, after calculating, you can know how high heels for wearing high heels ~ shallow mouth high heels, heel can have two styles to choose, heel models about 9cm, the upper is suede, Rubber soles, anti-skid effect is good, autumn and winter season with windbreaker jeans is also very nice Oh! In the heel, about 5-8cm. Very suitable for novice or students to wear, the color is also more youth, girl style. Insole is PU material, the upper is suede. Regardless of appearance or wearing experience are very good!

Selection of sheep skin from refined, leather tender and smooth, moderate thickness, stylish and smooth arc, interpretation of a woman's elegant temperament, wearing more comfortable taste. Pointed stitching design, outline the soft foot curve. Has a high degree of value, the real wear is also great, it is flat, daily wear light and comfortable, shallow mouth has the role of modified ankle, you can create the effect of long legs. Coupled with the tip, more of a feminine it! In fact, high heels can not only increase and modify the body, usually in the street encounter bad guys, you can also take off high heels to protect themselves .....