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How to wear, can not escape that pair of shoes

Single shoes is a girl in the hearts of a feeling, because the shoes is really nice, and almost with any clothes, hold all the occasions. Shoes on cheap nike shoes the foot of a kind of look glow, temperament highlights the feeling, every step is very elegant. As a small black dress in general, shoes are every woman must have a single product, and how to buy are not too many. Today, concave sister to sum up a few classic nike store shoes, hoping to help you in this fall from the beginning of the feet are beautiful. Classic shoes, the height is relatively high, even more sub-and temperament. Smooth shoes with the heel of the bow, full of feminine at the same time the addition of the girl's playful sense, very cute. Put on the ankle after the formation of the curvature is glamorous. Very practical small black shoes, 6cm height is high and not very tired feet, wearing a shopping what are no problem. Usually with a small skirt and jeans are very nice shape, go out is not tired, this pair of shoes must buy.

Nude color small shoes, shoes, heel is a bit rough, walking will be more stable, and without losing the elegant sense of fine. The upper is made of satin, add a retro and refined sense, wear on the feet is the focus of the crowd. Individuals like a pair of shoes, both with a dream girl heart, there are mature Royal sister temperament. Shoes on the silver sequins blingbling like Cinderella feet of the crystal shoes, side hollow design added a trace of feminine, all kinds of style can hold live, it is worth to start. Gradient color sequins shoes, compared to the general solid color sequins more refined and gorgeous sense, wear on the feet is definitely the most dazzling one. Smooth shoe body, the appropriate heel height, can just put an excellent look at the ankle curve, very elegant dazzling. Classic side buckle single shoes, compared to the simple single shoes in front of a more decorative side buckle, inlaid with stones and pearls, making shoes less a formal sense, but the exquisite retro palace wind blowing, to create Elegant and romantic, bright dazzling sense of fairy, but also with a blurred sexy mature. Do not have to worry about lace will make you show too sweet, high quality lace texture thin, will not look heavy. Always simple and pointed shoes, new nike shoes with gentle lace, intellectual generous, less cute, more comfortable and elegant retro class Fan children.