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Home / News > How to wear boots with long legs?


How to wear boots with long legs?

Boots are generally divided into short boots, boots and knee boots in three nike store types. For 155cm or so, the most important way to show the leg length is to reveal the legs as much as possible, and the booties perfectly meet this requirement. There are many types of boots, how to choose short nike factory store boots is also very knowledgeable. In general, want to be leggy, the baby in the selection of boots, we should pay attention to three main points. Try nike factory outlet to choose the boots with heel. Aided by the heel can visually extend the baby's legs, if it is worn daily, taking into account the comfort and practicality, thick with the design will be more appropriate. When choosing boots, simple and elegant. Excessive decoration looks too cumbersome, resulting in a clear sense of division of the legs and feet, legs naturally appear to have a shorter feeling. The color of the boots is best consistent with the pants. The same color will make the legs and footsteps appear in the same line, so that visual sense more extended. If the pants are black and the boots are red, a strong contrast in color contrasts visually.

Although it discount nike shoes is more suitable for short boots about 155cm baby, but also can not completely deny the mid boots and knee boots. For the proportion of the body itself is relatively good and leg straight baby, these two are also a good choice Oh! A lot to try to find the one that suits you best. Here, Xiaobian recommended several good winter boots for the baby. Boots help face is the first layer of leather material, unique embroidery designs exquisite beauty, full of beauty, the perfect fusion of the traditional ethnic customs and modern fashion. Side of the added anti-explosion zipper design, easy to wear off. Short boots have black and white two colors, which are intimate and velvet design, in the cold winter to warm the baby's feet. Unique design of the boots and embroidery perfect blend of patterns, more fashion sense. Boots plush look sweet and lovely, coupled with elegant embroidery, with different styles can easily manage. Rubber sole flexible, and has good non-slip function, very durable. Small and exquisite foot shoes will not appear bloated, the baby can try oh! The knee-high boots are made of matte leather with a layer of fleece, which is slightly elasticized so that even a small amount of flesh on the legs can be perfectly covered. Whether it is with jeans or skirts, can show a good baby's body. Martin boots have leather and suede two kinds of material can choose, have adopted the design of artificial suture, firm and strong. The fluff in the shoes is thickened, soft and comfortable soles, wearing shopping will not feel tired.