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Home / News > I believe white shoes are nike shoes wild? Unless you are a model or big V


I believe white shoes are nike shoes wild? Unless you are a model or big V

White shoes have become popular recently, white shoes once again popular. Stylish and affordable white shoes, suitable for people of different ages and different strata, they have long been confined to sportswear, so there is a saying: no matter how to wear, take a pair of sneakers is the fashion. So, the question is, really as long as a pair of sneakers pedal, like street fashion models or street fashion people as fashionable? I believe white shoes are wild? Unless you are a model or big V! How to understand "correct"? The most important thing is to be tidy! Shoe black ruby ??white rubber edge, dusty vamps, have to clean; played a rough lace, quickly replaced. Clean shoes make you look spiritual instead of decadent. Second, white shoes to reflect your personality. You can choose the handsome white neat white shoes, but if you are a little care, you can put some effort on the white shoes, for example, choose a pair of white or white lace shoes, make you cute or sexy, or to a nike shoes sale color Not the same shoelaces, another mood; wearing a small color inlaid white shoes, echoed clothes or bags. In short, let the details speak.

Seven wide leg pants, long skirts and the ground is the season's most fashionable single product, but if there is no absolute height advantage, do not easily try and white shoes with. For classic jeans, just slightly curled up trousers, then do not have a flavor. White shoes are not suitable for complicated printed trousers, will look top-heavy. If you are slender, try the light and elegant gauze dress with white shoes. Otherwise, yarn will make your body infinite expansion. A word skirt with white shoes, short jacket or baseball jacket, both to deal with the temperature difference between morning and evening, but also to optimize the nike shoes for sale body ratio, serve two purposes. Coupled with white sports socks, highlighting the vitality of youth. Shape or plump cheap nike air max body, you can use a tight waist dress with white shoes, both show the curve, but also elongated leg lines.