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Men's shoes with, put on his girlfriend also elated

Why every time carefully dressed, his girlfriend or too my soil? Is not a lot of son have such a distress Yeah, people obviously in order to let his girlfriend shines, specifically in front of the mirror fiddle the old half-day, the result is greatly disappointed, really is very satisfactory, the reality is very skeptical ah ~ ~ But the son who do not be too sad, today Xiaobian to give you some instructions, so that you release the routines in the process of smooth sailing, O O haha ??~ presumably many of the children are ignoring the shoes of this thing it! Do not underestimate it, you think it is very good ride, in fact, not enough fine, especially for girls such as delicate and sensitive animals, take it better than take the fine Shoes are the most easily overlooked part of our daily mix, but also the most essential part of a lot of son that seems to almost nike sale go out, in fact, want to stand out in the crowd, the choice of shoes can often help you, and now we immediately enter Theme, from the shape, material, color to your son recommended the most appropriate shoes.

Martin boots is the best choice inside the male boots, fashion cheap nike running shoes lace out of the usual tacky, the choice of matte leather material, from the side revealed a person's temperament, high-shoe type, gear slip at the end, not only increased the life of the shoe , But also the overall effect seems to domineering sultry. Suitable for daily walking British style of the son of the people. Bullock shoes as its name, not only has a Western style, the shape is so extraordinary, Bullock are generally carved mainly shoe type from the shoes and casual shoes of the merger, adding a fashion element but not too casual. At the same time it can be considered into the kitchen, out of the hall, regardless of business occasions or daily wear is also very appropriate. Derby shoes is also a shoe from the West, generally used for formal occasions, the general style of the general unharmed, but it is very particular about the choice of materials, the son of the purchase of this shoe to pay great attention to the quality of the skin, which often It affects a person's gas field. The market are basically brown or black, black feel more sense of respect, and brown has become elegant and romantic, the son of the occasion to buy Oh!

Oxford heel with the above two is very similar, but the biggest feature is the Oxford shoes tongue and the upper is broken. With other men's shoes, like the basic British and American British-style, bright color makes shoes look transparent, the overall high-end atmosphere, suitable for business men or overbearing president Fan's son. Desert boots, nike shox whether it is shoes or color are all year round with the choice. As long as the color above with the appropriate, and instantly will be a person's overall temperament to upgrade several grades, so that the city's new male uninhibited qualities highlight the most vividly. If you must choose one of the most wild, it must be a small white shoes, son who do not look it delicate, it can act as a lot of roles, and can take into account the nike shop mature, fashion, students and other styles, or couple shoes Good style, Xiao Bian strongly recommend you son are buying such a pair of simple classic small white shoes.

Sports shoes, regardless of men and women are no doubt that the most richest style, the son who can not be confused. Sports shoes in many shoes which is the most buy the most, but it does bear the big hat, regardless of age can wear clothing with a sunny handsome.