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Home / News > Missed a small white shoes, 17 years you have to miss the small black shoes do you


Missed a small white shoes, 17 years you have to miss the small black shoes do you

In the past 2016 years, small white shoes can be regarded as a mess of fire. Streets, aunt sister, student office workers and so on, almost a pair of feet Ah. At that time if you do not cheap nikes have a pair of small white shoes, are embarrassed to say that they also understand the point of fashion. With the arrival of 17 years, the weather has not completely warm, little black shoes but gradually fire up. Black such color, it seems never to worry that it will be out of date. Many girls in the purchase of new shoes when the black and other colors will always struggle to hesitate, can not hate every shoe to buy the black again. But some people say that black suppression, and the weather is hot with bad clothes. Sample just want to say, it must be your clothes is not very good, small black shoes so fire, you do not casually black it oh. Thick soles of the soles, visible soft and comfortable. Black and white with personality Zhang Ming, the whole of the upper, cleaning wear will be more convenient, no shoelaces, suitable for lazy children. This season to wear it is still very comfortable, breathable upper will not make you feel hot.

Simple atmosphere of wild models, but also very suitable for sports like the sister. Denim canvas breathable surface, rubber soles, non-slip wear toughness is good, not easy to deformation. 3cm thick bottom with thin thin leg type! But the sample cheap nike shoes to remind you that this shoe dirty with a dry brush on the line, which often sun, do not wash or wash as little as possible. Wash with water recommended, do not use bleach ingredients laundry detergent powder. The personality of the shoes is that it is the personality of the shoe edge design and tassel shoelaces, it is unique and trend. Fine car suture, so that shoes have quality assurance. With a little with the nature and free and easy, but also has a simple natural beauty. This may also be the most representative of the beauty of youth it. Between the shoes and canvas shoes, a shoe made of two colors, forming a distinctive decorative decoration. Very student atmosphere, small flat with pants or jeans when the trousers can roll up, or directly with nine points of the pants will be very good to see.

If you are a cat slave control, then I think you should like this one, at first glance to see the side of the shoes and the edge of the shoes and shoes on the edge of the fish was attracted to it, fashion, funny, cute like it There is one by one. Black shoes must be student party quite love style, especially in the weather more and more warm, the net shoes breathability and coolness will become the reason why the sister more love. Soft soles simply use Q bomb to describe, excellent elastic, especially suitable for playing badminton. Usually shopping is also very good to wear it oh.

Spring nike shox is a blooming season, coupled with the butterfly's flying dance will add a lot of Smart, and only two shoes nike sale together to fight together has been a complete butterfly, quite interesting. And there are a variety of colors, you can try and girlfriends worn into a girlfriend Oh.