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Personality retro shoes in power, high heels all retreat it

Over the past few years the more ancient wind blowing more thick, mushrooms are not just lost a lot of velvet skirt, velvet wide leg what? What side of the first shoes, Mary Jane shoes, grandma shoes, which whim, quietly to a retro style aristocratic wind, so that the votes are also very good! Retro shoes, with high-heeled shoes exquisite fashion, small white shoes of the literary atmosphere, the most important thing is also particularly good wear not tired feet! The recent temperature rise, so that the shoes can just come in handy, with skirt, nine pants and then fit. Quickly follow the footsteps of Xiaobian, let's go through a! Shoes with retro color, but also after rubbing treatment, more texture; toe ears on the mark line, making the shoes is very delicate. Lok Fu shoes with nine points wide leg pants wear feet thin, ankle looks particularly slender. Feet white, then this color wear more white.

Leather and natural rubber combination, softness is good, look to see, how are not afraid of child abuse. If you are a student sister, should be more like their style of the family, the shoes have a lot of original design of the wild tide models, there are more retro style, some coarse heels and wearing a super comfortable, not tired feet. Retro Marie Jane with a single shoes, at first glance a bit like a ballet shoes, because the front of the process with complex hot melt nike factory store film blessing, wearing more comfortable. Elegant, ladies of the new Mary Jane shoes, coupled with banded bow, more sweet and elegant, 1.5cm with high, so that the legs curve look better, more elegant. Know more intimate, no less effort on the soles of the feet: the original rubber at the end, before and after a small grid, so that the girls can be safe to walk. Banded bow looks elegant and quiet, a little little feminine.

A lot of MM want to have a pair of thick heels, neither tired feet can also elongate the height of the proportion of this pair of retro round head with a word deduction Mary Jane shoes even to the high fairy can not wear a fairy big welfare friends , Can quickly feet, enjoy the feeling of skirt flying. Thick with, round head, buckle tie, cheap nike sneakers wine red, all the retro Mary Jane elements have. Unique exquisite word buckle, lengthening the legs line, a little thicker feet of the dry sand can also be thin feet Oh! Thick retro retro style, lost elk go is the original flavor of the original style. Color and more to the natural fresh color-based, retro and feel like. Classic square head, with a word with a thick retro taste, neat all black nike shoes style curve, looks a little sort of OL style of the wind, exposed heel design, both when the shoes can also be used when the sandals to wear. A recipe to black and white simple design-based, retro niche, where you can still find some special style, commuter classes are also suitable for wear is also very fashionable, out of the street is not easy to hit the shoes. Unique small pig nose toe, with a trace of naughty fun design, unique personality, do not worry, nike store such shoes walking in the street will not hit someone with Kazakhstan!