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Sandals take anything strange? That's where you bought it wrong

One summer, the baby will be eager to buy a variety of favorite sandals, not only cool and breathable, with a skirt is also a first-class it! But it is inevitable that some babies will feel that the sandals with what clothes are not very suitable for the strange, maybe for a kind of match will be very nice it with two sets of equipment, very fresh art Oh, like a model, with the same color Simple sandals, whether it is high-heeled or flat, can easily hold live Oh! Hate days high sandals, full of fashion trend is the atmosphere, wine red overall color, not too much decoration, just hate the day high can fully show the infinite charm, very suitable for short baby baby Oh really Of the simple and simple pure white Xianqi color, with the hollow lace shape, high waist belt black nike shoes design, not too long skirt, everything seems right just super thick flat design, can be described as The baby's gospel! Do not have to endure the pain of hate days, easily increased a lot, and the upper pink with a black floor is also very appropriate Oh! Floral dress, I believe the baby has seen many of the same paragraph, but this dress is unique in that it is the upper body with a shirt design, with a unique dress on the elegant hem, serious and casual Clever combination.

Cost is really high, the summer of the new casual shoes, almost flat design with some of the crystal diamond with, to improve the overall beauty of this sandals. In fact, as long as the selection of sandals and blouses, no matter how to wear the United States and the United States da