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Home / News > Shoes careless rub broken skin, do not throw nike discount store a move easily get as new


Shoes careless rub broken skin, do not throw nike discount store a move easily get as new

Now many people wear leather shoes, especially in more formal and important occasions, wear shoes will make people look more spirit, more temperament, so in daily life, we can often see the figure of shoes. But the shoes wear for a long time, and sometimes accidentally rub rub the skin or cracking, this time to lose a pity, wear out and off the grade, very bad. But as long as you learn the following two coup, you can easily get the problem. Shoes accidentally rub the skin, do not throw a move easily get as new! As long as the first touch the leather shoes off the nike shox place, and the surrounding clean, and then prepare a shoe and shoes the same color crayon, and then prepare a knife and a lighter , With a lighter torch baked hot, and then use a knife to burn crayon hot oil in the peeled place, and so on after 2 minutes and then marked with shoe polish, shoes, like the new Oh, this method is also simple, as long as First clean the shoes where the broken skin, and then a clean egg and shoe polish stir, do not be too thin, and then use a cotton swab dipped in liquid wipe shoes cut the location, the scratch repaired, and then coated with a layer of egg white fixed , And then dry it again to play shoe polish on the line. This will not only repair leather shoes, but also increase the brightness, so that the same shoes nike discount store as the new.

Leather shoes with dirt, it is best not to rub water, because water cheap nikes can make the leather harden, and slowly lead to dry crack. It is best to gently wipe the dirt with a soft cloth or brush, and then coated with a little Vaseline wipe, and finally rub the shoe polish, so the shoes will be bright as new friends, but also play a role in the maintenance of moisturizing shoes.