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Home / News > Small white shoes wear and popular, but why not wash, these four tips to white shoes white


Small white shoes wear and popular, but why not wash, these four tips to white shoes white

Unconsciously, the shoes have become our shoes in the indispensable pair of nike factory store shoes, whether it is street shooting, or go out shopping, are omnipotent with a single product, but nike clearance store when you go out to find the fact that the shoes are slowly in the out Some new models and then look at their old, really heart in the blood there is no, replacement or not so fast! Obviously the first two years to buy shoes ah. More people tired is that small white shoes really good to wash, today nike sale Xiaobian to give you revealed four tips, easy to solve the problem of small white shoes wash. Method 1: First, the white shoes into the pouring liquid or detergent powder basin, soak for about 20 minutes. And then use the texture of the soft brush to brush white shoes, careful not to use too hard. After brushing, use more water to wash, until the shoes do not nike free 5.0 wash liquid or detergent powder so far. Method 2: with a shoe brush carefully dirty place soaked with water, take a small amount of toothpaste applied to the shoes, gently brush with a shoe brush, it becomes clean, and for the other side of the dirty can be slightly more The

Method three: white shoes can be used to remove the spray of alcohol spray, and then wipe the white cloth with a rag. Note that the last need not clear water to clear. Method 4: For particularly dirty white shoes, it may be necessary to use clothing bleach to the. Using a comfortable fabric, wear special comfort, very soft, texture and color are particularly good, a look are so tall. This year is particularly popular small white shoes, silence for so many years, small white shoes finally come back to the rivers and lakes, and now the small white shoes style, but endless, all kinds of tricks are inside to add, but are particularly nice Oh. Very suitable for couples to wear a small white shoes, we are also wearing a yellow leader Oh, come up with the trend of fashion it, and your other half together with the streets.