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Snow boots have these characteristics, you have it?

In recent years, snow boots with its stylish and practical dual value, gradually became the beauty of the hearts of ladies love, one winter, almost every girl will wear snow boots. Now the snow boots on the market generally divided into three categories: plastic bottom, tendon bottom and synthetic rubber at the end. The best quality is the most durable is the end of synthetic rubber, not only waterproof non-slip, and wear resistance is also very good, generally better snow boots will use this soles. As the snow boots are in the rain and snow weather, so the requirements for the upper is relatively high, and now the best uppers should be - fur one, the skin and hair are the same piece of cattle / sheepskin. The warmth of this material is very high, and some of the treated fur is both waterproof and anti-fouling effect, very suitable for winter use. But everyone in the choice of time, we should pay attention to carefully look at the true and false fur one, if the hair after the hair to see the bottom of the grid, indicating that this is the late plus the fur, rather than itself in a piece of skin, so it The value will be greatly reduced. Generally good snow boots are very detailed workmanship, there will be no disconnection, missing needle or the upper pattern is not neat and other issues. On the contrary, genuine snow boots two shoes the same parts to exactly the nike clearance same, including the heel, version type, pattern, toe should be consistent.

In the purchase of snow boots to try to take a few steps, do not choose too much snow boots, fit can be, because the shoes will be more through the larger. To choose authentic shoes, so that the snow boots tough foundation, wearing a good comfort, the impact of the feet will be relatively small. The best choice of smooth fur, and no smell of smell of snow boots nike sale to prevent the hair in lebron james shoes the boots is so that the feet so that the feet infected bacteria. Modern street mini boots, leather leather surface waterproof and waterproof, the use of high-tech light wing soles, non-slip wear, and the shoe body design reasonable manual test to ensure that each pair of shoes can be perfectly fit the foot. The color of the shoes with the details of the design of the perfect blend of fashion and classical style. All black models, cool and free and easy; earth color and black collision models, revealing a calm texture and retro atmosphere, quite royal style and knight style. Handsome "type", but still able to light and comfortable.