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Home / News > Summer must have three shoes, you have it?


Summer must have three shoes, you have it?

Summer, it is time to throw away the dull heavy shoes, put on the nike running shoes light of the! But what summer shoes to wear is a problem, there are too many choices, pick the eye. What kind of shoes nike store in the end and wild and nice? Still can not fall this year's fashion trends, the following Xiaobian to introduce three essential shoes in summer it ~ white shoes have been enduring, how to wear how to take are not wrong, whether you wear a skirt, wear Shorts together with no sense of violation. So the summer must be a single product absolutely indispensable it! Classic small white shoes will not have to say friends, wild, whether shorts, long skirts, skirts are very good with, if it is no shoes with clothes, a pair of small white shoes can easily get, simple Design, the classic lace are very good ~ and canvas shoes are breathable, do not worry about summer foot odor Oh ~

Very small white shoes, but in the original case of the classic, changed a few details, so that the white is not too single and look more vivid fashionable vamps with high-density high-quality canvas, very good ventilation , Fit the foot type, so that even force toe, walking more comfortable when the same with the classic small white shoes is added a few points Hong Kong, more personality Oh! Retro side shoes. Fashionable side buckle design, double-layer plating does not fade, thickening soft latex insoles, sweat is not smelly feet, the use of ultra-soft leather, not grinding feet, super comfortable ~ 4cm thick with the design, like nike trainers a flat bottom of the comfort, , To reduce the sound of walking. And is a wild shoes, no matter what are wearing no sense of violation of Oh! High heels has always been a favorite of women's hearts, each girl should be useful with a pair of high heels, high heels addition to increase the height, more important and popular factor is to increase the charm. High heels to reduce the pace of a woman, because the center of gravity after the shift, the legs on the corresponding straight, and cause hip contraction, chest before the very, so that a woman's standing, walking are full of charm, willow and rhyme came into being. How can the summer get a pair of high heels?

Europe and the United States wind personality glasses high heels, a sexy and pedicure high-heeled sandals. Pointed shape looks slender feet were thin, put on a more feminine, thin layer of hollow zipper wear more comfortable, not tired feet, uppers with matte leather PU leather, it is breathable and not grinding Feet, nike running shoes little fairies are not ready to prepare a pair? Delicate pink high heels, and instantly enhance your temperament, pearl plus metal combination, grade to improve a degree, take the fashion Fan ~ new wine with, as rough as smooth and comfortable without losing the sexy, wear-resistant tendon at the end of convex design, Non-slip, comfortable and more wear-resistant. And then the temperament and legs were long high heels, summer must prepare a pair!