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This summer giant popular sandals and sandals, fashionable fine who are wearing

Although the summer is hot, but it is also a concave shape of the season. There are all kinds of wear on the street. Wearing a good ride on the seductive, wearing a bad that is a hot spicy eyes! Today Xiaobian is to tell you about this summer's fashion fine who are wearing what kind of shoes. Summer is also a leg of the legs, naturally, there is no money and fashionable shoes! What are we all in summer? It is naturally sandals and sandals! The sandals are no longer before wearing in the bathroom. nike clearance Now the sandals are big change! A pair of nice and nice sandals, but also can bring you elegant and fashion sense. Sandals, not to mention, with a variety of styles, who should not prepare a few pairs of shoe? Do you know what kind of sandals and sandals are popular this year? Do you know what kind of sandals and sandals are wild? Today Xiaobian is to keep you Amway several, this few cool sandals are not nike black nike shoes shox clearance only fashion wild, fashionable fine who are special love to wear. But also their own a fresh summer.

Thick sandals, looking very comfortable, do not have to say it! With sequins and small diamond decoration design, a kind of very shining feeling. High-quality upper, so that the whole pair of shoes rich texture, wear-resistant non-slip thick bottom, not only good to wear, but also easily increased! Wearing a super-explicit white also thin Generous design, so that this pair of sandals more wild! Square head of the shoes how popular, I do not emphasize it? This square head sandals, upper decorative belt metal buckle, so that shoes will not look too monotonous. Add a lot of fashion sense. Shoe last design, neat and type, coupled with personalized head chic and publicity, rubber at the end of anti-skid wear, smooth and light walking. Inexpensive sandals, you start quickly! Hot weather, if you feel the foot of the shoes too hot, but still like the square head of the shoes, then this pair of open toe square head cool slippers on the most appropriate! Put on cool and comfortable. Selection of high quality PU fabric lines clear texture. Pearl decoration, crystal shiny, hollow design, fashion personality, breathable and boring, rubber soles are very anti-skid wear. Put on will make you love Oh! Very nice pair of thick bottom Roman shoes! The word tied with the sort of the layout of the design style, it seems that all the feet wrapped, in fact, it is precisely because of the slender feet, with Roman shoes has always been neutral style, highlighting the distinctive fashion atmosphere. How are good with what! This summer is really not less it! Slope of the sandals to bring the ladies temperament is Needless to say! Wild little fresh shoes, comfort is very good, fashion kobe shoes style. Slope sandals can both increase the feet and wild comfort, open-toed design painted bright nail polish, can be a good show woman's elegance. Also blooming their own beauty. Put on very seductive! Very sweet rough with sandals, fashion sexy foot instep hollow design, coupled with the side of the network yarn splicing, so that the feet at all times breathable. In front of the bow design exquisite aesthetic, but also to create self-confidence soft temperament. Simple design on the feet but ultra-beautiful, comfortable with the rough, wear not only solid but also can pull the line Oh!