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Home / News > Understand these three kinds of feet, easy to pick comfortable shoes!


Understand these three kinds of feet, easy to pick comfortable shoes!

In general, many girls are unable to withstand the temptation of high heels, high heels can make girls more temperament, more mature and attractive can also push the slender, take the wind and so on. However, only the choice of comfortable shoes look better to make the fairies farther and more confident. So how to choose? In order to reduce the risk of the baby shopping, next Xiaobian give the baby the inventory of the choice of factors, nike clearance mainly from the foot, the selection of shoes to see which parts of the two most discussed Oh ~ the most intuitive way to understand their own feet Slipper is standing on a piece of white paper, draw the outline of their own feet. This out of the feet of the size of the data more accurate and the shape of the foot at a glance. In general, we Asians have three types of foot, Egyptian feet, Roman feet, Greek feet. The characteristics of these three are the longest big finger, the basic equivalent length, the second finger longest. So what do the babies come from? Well, the next step is to choose the right shoes through the foot type ~ The longest Egyptian toe big toe, divided into two kinds, the first big toe longest, a short form nearly forty degrees arc, this nike shoes men kind of foot Type suitable for pointed shoes, the other gentle shoes are not suitable for pointed high heels shoes will bulge uphold, it seems very crowded also uncomfortable oh ~

This year is nikes on sale just the kind of retro square headdress shoes, which for the Roman feet baby is simply a stylish and comfortable choice, you can put five toes are comfortable in the shoes, no extrusion ~ retro, stupid Meng and delicate ~ secretly tell the baby a little secret, according to the unscientific law, I heard that most of the beautiful women discount nike shoes are Greek feet Oh. This type of foot suitable for wearing long and thin symmetrical pointed pointed shoes Oh ~ only according to the actual choice of the foot of the shoes will make the walking posture more temperament, the shoes will not easily deformed, the more important thing is not Will hurt their own arch and knee Oh. Shoes look around the fur will feel very warm and comfortable Oh, shoes leather is very soft leather, high quality, super high cost, it is easy to wear shoes, fashionable and stylish, unique design details, fashion wild Oh ~

Simple and soft colors are very suitable for autumn and winter clothing style and with retro elegance, exudes a graceful and elegant goddess atmosphere, a small sheepskin boots is not only easy to wear, and the thermal effects are excellent, slightly high heels quiet leg Long oh ~ short boots at first glance is very Western style, there are a few oblique shoes on the side of the rivets on the number of this decoration will not be decorated at the shoes look monotonous; with a dermabrasion material will not appear too flash lead to poor with , The shoes feel super comfortable Oh ~