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Home / News > Urban temperament women, how can the lack of a pair of fashion sandals?


Urban temperament women, how can the lack of a pair of fashion sandals?

If summer must wear a skirt, then the sandals is its best match. When the woman is changing the wardrobe, do not forget to replace your shoe in sync! For the student side, the small white shoes, even in the summer will eventually change the explosive; and retro shoes have become cheap nike air max the best choice for intellectual women, but the sandals style has always been changing, both for the student party and White-collar girls, the purchase of the most popular ability to highlight the taste. By the designer predicted eight popular all black nike shoes sandals, air max in this black and white nikes summer is about to become explosive, you have a pair of very tide! This year to say what the most fire, there must be Chowen shoes. The thin cat shows the elegance of the woman. Coupled with exquisite pearl with, to show a woman tender taste, full of feminine. Non-slip teeth to create, it is neither serious high heels, there is no ordinary flat shoes vulgar. With the design of thick bottom and buckle, feel simple Han Fan, piercing comfort to enjoy the taste. Why is this year's Velcro flat sandals so hot? But also attributed to the popularity of flat shoes. High heels more and more obvious harm, people also want to wear in the usual flat shoes, then this is a good choice. Rendezvous third chair with buckle sandals, with a rich Roman style, showing a simple and exotic beauty of the wind. Occasionally with the embellishment of the mirror, very sexy love. Mary Jane shoes must be the trend of the summer, trapezoidal rough with the design, it is more solid center of gravity. With a retro style, but not particularly strange, no matter where the wear is very bright.

To say why it became the first list, of course, it is in the pointed and thick with the fusion shoes, behind the bow more feminine elements. So a little embellishment, enough to make her a woman's favorite heart.