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Home / News > Woman is so hurt shoes! Take a look at it


Woman is so hurt shoes! Take a look at it

A beautiful dress, matched with double good shoes, walking in the streets seem to have a lot of confidence, but the beauty of dress is one thing, good for the body is another matter. And Xiaobian unfortunately know a few little knowledge of shoes and wounds, I hope you can look together to see the girl Oh, one day the size of the foot is not the same, so about three o'clock in the afternoon test shoes the most appropriate Time fit nike shox clearance shoes, after the wear will not be crowded with the problem. Flat shoes with a high design, so even if the girl does not wear high heels can be increased Oh, and the shoe body with a colorful pattern of embellishment, but also very bright feeling, so that my sister at any time to show their youthful moving side. Like this nike sneakers deep mouth flat shoes, because the package wrapped around the entire foot of the site, so be sure to pick the fit of the style, slightly larger will become cumbersome, and small oppression of the toes will be more hurt, but if the election on the style , The use of this thick design, my sister can easily become a long-legged goddess oh ~

High heels is suede design, so the oppression of the toes will be a lot less, but not to say that you can not choose the style of the fit Oh, after all, fit the style to wear comfortable, but also allow themselves to wear this pair of high heels, It is more natural and elegant! After the temperature rise, be sure to wear breathable shoes, or the foot of the environmental humidity is too large, so not only easy to breed the feet of the bacteria, while the sister is also very uncomfortable. Breathable hole design can greatly increase the sister's feet by the wind area, and this flat shoes are also more comfortable to wear, coupled with this relatively beautiful design, it is suitable for some young sister Oh ~ all black nike shoes bright yellow is not super Attractive? In fact, more than that, this pair of high heels also with a stylish banding elements, watching more fashionable look, this pair of shoes pay attention to the image, so it is suitable for some small girls, or want nike clearance store elegant image of the sister.

Shoes style is also relatively refreshing, is the spring and summer season is more suitable for her sister to wear the style, not only look cool and comfortable, while the suede design is also very texture, coupled with the high-heeled design of the increase in the role of my sister at any time online value Oh ~ High heels force more unstable, so if there is no banding element or buckle design, then the sister is very easy to injury shoes injury ankle, so the choice of high heels can be considered when the band with some elements of the style.

Sister who wear high heels always easy to both sides of the Wei, and like this banding elements with high heels, not only a strong sense of fashion, but also to stabilize the sister's foot type, so that my sister can always beautiful, without worry Wei feet affect the image and health! Straps can be tied into a variety of styles to add more personality for the sister charm, such as bow, or the style of flowers, the other comes with a coat design, will not seem monotonous, but the most important thing is to tie elements My sister will not wear after the foot Oh ~ rough with the design of both the protection of the sister of the high body type, while the pressure on the foot will not be too much, wearing it to walk will be more stable and comfortable Oh, coupled with white Of bright and clean, the effect of eye-catching effect, whether it is with a skirt or pants, can not speak !