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Women learn to wear such clothes super, who dare say your legs short!

Many people want them to have longer legs. Although nike store you can not change your genetics, there are some techniques that can be used to create long, thin, sexy legs. Finding the right shoes to make your legs look longer is the most obvious way to wear shoes that are heightened in. Wear shoes close to your skin color. When you wear skirts or shorts, the shoes that blend black nike shoes with your skin will create a long, uninterrupted line. Match your shoes with your pants or stockings. You can also create the same uninterrupted lines by coordinating your shoes when wearing pants or pants. Wearing boots The boots on the knees can let you down from the lower thigh to the floor clean, uninterrupted appearance.

Wear a monochrome clothing Try to create a garment that is made up entirely or entirely of a single color. Choose a little jacket on the short side. When wearing a shorter frame, the trimmed jacket will have an overall extension effect. They will also balance a longer torso and make the legs look longer. Looking for high waist pants and skirts. Eyes naturally assume that your legs start your waist to start. Put your shirt inside, like the high waist to make your legs look longer, your torso shorter, a long shirt will do the opposite thing. Keep your height. A simple way to make your legs look longer is to get them out. Often wear shorts and short skirts. The shorter the cut, the longer your legs are. Wearing an asymmetrical skirt. Straight, horizontal skirt interrupts your eyes when lebron 13 your legs are down. By choosing nike free 5.0 an asymmetrical hem line, maximize the length of the skirt. '